Hemodialysis angioaccesses


Friday January 20

  08.30     AVF creation - Natural history
  Chairmen     Pierre Bourquelot, Eric Chemla
  08.30     Ulnar-Basilic AVF, Julien Al Shakarchi  
  08.45     A narrow tourniquet is useful for 2nd stage basilic and brachial veins transposition, Nicola Pirozzi
  09.00     AVF and surgical microscope in adults, Marek Rawa
  09.15     AVFs natural history, Teun Wilmink
  09.30     Controversy. Pediatric vascular access
  09.30     In London, Francis Calder
  09.45     In Paris, Pascal Jehanno
  10.00     Discussion
  10.15     Break in the exhibition hall
  10.45     PTA
  Chairmen     Pierre Bourquelot, Gilbert Franco
  10.45     Controversy. US or angiography guided PTA
  10.45     US guided PTA is a reliable technique, Gary Maytham
  11.00     Using US and angiography is more efficient, José Garcia-Medina
  11.15     Discussion
  11.30     AVFs for non-ESRD patients, Eric Chemla
  11.45     Patient safety in vascular access planning and construction, David Shemesh
  12.00     Industry symposium in room D, level 2
  13.00     Lunch in the exhibition hall & adjournment
  14.00     Surveillance - Endovascular creation
  Chairmen     Mohamed Bouayed, Eric Chemla, Surenda Shenoy
  14.00     Doppler ultrasound: is it a third generation AVF surveillance method? José Ibeas
  14.15     Doppler detection of significant access stenosis, Jan Malik
  14.30     Controversy. Endovascular AVF creation
  14.30     The radiologist experience, Thomas Schmidt-Rixen
  14.45     The Oracle predictions, Miltos Lazarides
  15.00     Discussion
  15.15     The true results of staged upper arm AVF superficialisation, Mary Ottinger
  15.30     Break in the exhibition hall
  16.00     Complications - Guidelines
  Chairmen     Mohamed Bouayed, Pierre Bourquelot, Eric Chemla
  16.00     Management of PTFE seromas, Larry Scher
  16.15     Hero device: benefits, but complications? James Gilbert
  16.30     Interventions for failed wrist fistulae: is it worthwhile? Surendra Shenoy
  16.45     Vascular access in diabetics, Selcuk Baktiroglu
  17.00     Digital pressure measurements for HAIDI, Gilbert Franco
  17.15     Infrared thermal imaging for distal ischaemia, Nicholas Inston
  17.30     Controversy. Guidelines should be international and based on solid evidence and not take
into account local ressouces or availabilities
  17.30     No, Eric Chemla
  17.45     Yes, Jan Tordoir
  18.00     Discussion
  18.15     Treatment of the aneurysmal fistula, Jeremy Crane
  18.30     Radial artery transposition for flow reduction, Pierre Bourquelot
  18.45     End of the sessions & adjournment
      Simultaneous translation: Headphones will be available on request (only if a valid ID is presented) when entering the room.