Venous session


Saturday January 21

  Chairman       Jean-Pierre Becquemin Co-chairman Jean-Luc Gérard
  08.00       Welcome address, Jean-Luc Gérard
  08.15       DEEP VEIN
  Chairmen       Peter Gloviczki, Michel Perrin
  08.15       History of deep vein reconstruction in CVD, Bo Eklof
  08.23       Failure of deep venous reconstruction surgery due to wrong strategy, Oscar Maleti
  08.31       Cause of failure and complications of iliac vein stenting procedures and how to avoid them,
Marzia Lugli
  08.39       Pitfalls and bailouts of endovascular stenting for iliac and renal vein obstructions, Peter Gloviczki
  08.47       IVUS is highly recommended
before stenting ilio-femoral venous obstruction
          - Pro, Marzia Lugli
          - Con, Frédéric Thony
  09.03       Endovenectomy and iliac vein stent placement. Indications technique and results, Peter Gloviczki
  09.11       Cause of failure and complications of pelvic congestion embolization and how to avoid them,
Francine Thouveny
  09.19       Aggressive endovascular management of ilio-femoral DVT is the “key” in preventing post thrombotic syndrome, Ali Amin
  09.27       Should the popliteal vein aneurysm asymptomatic be operated: indications and strategy
          - Pro, Carmine Sessa
          - Con, Manj Gohel
  09.43       Discussion
  10.00       Break in the exhibition hall
  Chairmen       Oscar Maleti, Inge Vanhandenhove
  10.30       Vulvar varicose veins during pregnancy: pathogenesis, Philippe Lemasle
          Vulvar varicose veins after pregnancy:
  10.38       - Is duplex scan sufficient to find the sources? Philippe Lemasle
  10.46       - Do we have to ligate the leak points? Claude Franceschi
  10.54       - Do we have to embolize the leak points? Milka Greiner
  11.02       - Is foam sclerotherapy sufficient? Claudine Hamel-Desnos
  11.10       Discussion
  11.20       Cause of failure and complications of venous and arterio venous malformations procedures and how to avoid them, Annouk Bisdorff-Bresson
  11.28       Modern surgery for varicose vein: how to do it (video technique demonstration), Marzia Lugli
  11.36       Cause of failure and complications of sclerotherapy procedures and how to avoid them,
Claudine Hamel-Desnos
  11.44       SSV treatment: tips and tricks, Jean-Luc Gérard
  11.52       Endo Laser Ablation Foam (ELAF), Carlos Bone
  12.00       30 years ago: endoscopy of saphenous vein. What lessons have I learnt? Jean-François Van Cleef
  12.08       Treatment of telangiectasies by microsurgery, Adrien Ramelet
  12.16       Anatomical study of Hunter’s canal and compression of femoro-popliteal axis: possible hypothesis of DVT or varice recurrence after SSV surgery, Claude Gillot
  12.36       The proof by image (3D), Jean-François Uhl
  12.42       Discussion
  13.00       Lunch in the exhibition hall
  14.00       VEIN and THROMBOSIS
  Chairmen       Alun Davies, Marzia Lugli
  14.00       Venous symptoms: the SYM vein consensus, Michel Perrin
  14.08       Are there differences in guidelines for management of CVD between Europe and the US?
Bo Eklof
  14.16       Antithrombotic therapy, the chest (ACCP) guidelines: critical reading, Marie-Antoinette Sevestre
  14.24       Do we need antidotes for DOACS? Ismail Elalamy
  14.32       Do we need a second “SOX” trial to evaluate the role of stockings in the prevention of PTS?
Alun Davies
  14.40       RCT on GCS/LMWH vs LMWH in VTE prophylaxis, Joe Shalhoub
  14.48       Risks of Dvt and flying, Sarah Onida
  14.56       Discussion
  Chairmen       Lowell Kabnick, Thomas Proebstle, Mark Whiteley
  15.15       Varicose veins surgery. What is more important: the technique or the strategy? Armando Mansilha
  15.23       3 Y analysis of the European cyanoacrylate study, Thomas Proebstle
  15.31       Cyanoacrylate vs laser ablation. Turkish experience, Kursat Bozkurt
  15.39       6-months follow-up of a polylglycolic-acid yarn implantation for abolition of saphenous vein reflux,
Thomas Proebstle
  15.47       Complications after thermal ablation and how to avoid them, Renate Van den Bos
  15.55       After thermal ablation of the GSV, do we have to treat systematically AASV in the same time (different anatomic variations of SFJ)?, Olivier Pichot
  16.03       Surgery vs EVLA: recurrence by AASV is more frequent after EVLA
          - Pro, Michael Mooij
          - Con, Thomas Proebstle
  16.19       15 year follow-up of radiofrequency ablation of the great saphenous vein and what are the causes of recurrence in the long term – a single centre experience, Mark Whiteley
  16.27       Is there a role for open venous surgery assuming thermal and non-thermal procedures are covered?
Patrizia Pavei
  16.35       Understanding the mechanism of thermoablation using different lasers and RFA on the vein wall using immunohistochemistry, and optimising the LEED for each device. What is your evidence that it translates clinically? Mark Whiteley
  16.43       Arteriovenous fistula after thermal ablation: etiology and how to avoid it, Lowell Kabnick
  16.51       Updates on the cost effectiveness of glue and MOCA techniques vs thermal ablation, Alun Davies
  16.59       Complications and weird findings with local anesthaesia in varicose vein surgery,
Inga Vanhandenhove
  17.07       Treatment of varicose veins using steam pulses, Ionel Droc
  17.15       Discussion and conclusion, Peter Gloviczki, Michel Perrin, Jean-Luc Gérard
  17.30       Adjournement
      Simultaneous translation : Headphones will be available on request (only if a valid ID is presented) when entering the room.