Industry Symposia

Thursday January 19


 Cordis INCRAFT® AAA Stent Graft System - From the studies
 to the real life
Chairman: Eric Ducasse
-  INCRAFT® ultra-low profile Stent Graft System shows long-term
    durability in clinical studies, Domenico Baccellieri
-  EVAR or PEVAR: a cost-benefit analysis, Jan J. Wever
-  My personal experience with INCRAFT® in standard and challenging
    cases, Giovanni Pratesi

Friday January 20

 AUDITORIUM / LEVEL -1 / 12.00

 EVAR & EVAS: the Power of Choice
Chairman: Jean-Pierre Becquemin
- AFX: large applicability of anatomical fixation, Jean-Marc Alsac
- Nellix: what if we stay within IFU? Jan Heyligers
 - OVATION: custom neck seal that benefits you and your patients,
   sustained by longterm data, Lieven Maene
 - Time to Personalize Aneurysm Repair, Matt Thompson

 ROOM B / LEVEL 0 / 12.00

 How innovation can push the boundaries of EVAR in complex
 and challenging anatomies
Chairmen: Alain Cardon, Frank Criado
Co chairman: Jacques Busquet
 -  Use of Aptus Heli-FX EndoAnchor implants with standard
    endografts to strengthen seal in hostile anatomies: technical
    tips, case experience and ANCHOR Registry results,
    Jean Panneton
-  Parallel grafts provide durable treatment options if patient
    selection and technique are standardized: outcomes from the
    Protagoras study, Konstantinos Donas
    St. Franziskus Hospital, Münster, Germany

 ROOM C / LEVEL 2 / 12.00

 Launching NEW medical devices to improve the clinical
 outcome of your endovascular procedures
- Integrated embolic protection technology  - A new paradigm in
   the treatment of cardiovascular disease, Ravish Sachar
 - Transradial approach for carotid artery stenting, Ravish Sachar
 - Safety first – Legflow DCB outcomes from the clinical trial program,
   Peter Goverde


 Wide or ultra-narrow tourniquet: a resolved controversy
 12.00 Description of the device, Noam Gavriely 
 12.08 Tourniquet Size: physical basis, Bernard Levy 
 12.16 Preventive hemostasis for angioaccess surgery,
            Pierre Bourquelot
 12.24 Discussion

Saturday January 21
 AUDITORIUM / LEVEL -1 / 09.30


  The adaptability of anaconda™, the only full repositionable
  stent graft:  results of 500+ patients in France
Chairman: Jean-Pierre Becquemin
- A comparative study of  Anaconda Stent-Graft, Standard generation
   versus  One-lok, Serge Thebault
- Clinical Follow-Up of 500+ Patients for EVAR & PEVAR:
   Nicolas Frisch
- Fenestrated Anaconda endograft for juxta/pararenal aortic aneurysm,   
   Dominique Midy

 AUDITORIUM / LEVEL -1 / 10.30


 The French Zenith Alpha™ Endovascular System* Experience
- Zenith Alpha™ System* Design for easy and durable repair,
Elixène Jean-Baptiste
- Zenith Alpha™ Thoracic: case report and experience at the
   University Hospital of Bichat-Paris, Quentin Pellenc
 - Zenith Alpha™ Abdominal: case report and experience at the
   University Hospital of Lille, Jonathan Sobocinski
  *The Zenith Alpha™ Endovascular System consists of: Zenith Alpha™ Thoracic Endovascular
    Graft, Zenith Alpha™ Abdominal Endovascular Graft,Zenith Alpha™ Spiral-Z® Endovascular
    Leg,Zenith® Low Profile AAA Endovascular Graft; Ancillary Components

 AUDITORIUM / LEVEL -1 / 12.15


  How DET will revolutionnize your practice?
Chairman: Jean-Pierre Becquemin
- The DES revolution, Julien Lemoine
- The DEB revolution, Nicolas Valerio 

 AUDITORIUM / LEVEL -1 / 13.45


 Large arterial vascular access should be closed!
Chairmen: Alain Cardon, Giovanni Pratesi
Why and how? Stéphan Haulon

Traduction simultanée :   Les casques de traduction seront distribués à l’entrée de la salle, uniquement en échange d’une pièce d’identité en cours de validité.

Venous workshops



  Chairman     Jean-Luc Gérard
  14.00     Thermal Endovenous ablation workshop: laser, steam and radiofrequency
  Experts     Olivier Creton (RF), Didier Fabre (RF), Jean-Luc Gérard (Duplexo and Laser), René Milleret (Steam)
        Ultrasound guiding and assessment of a patient (on live): indications, access, distal fiber or catheter positioning
        Vein mapping
        Hands-on session with silicone model
        Short Video (3 minutes): treating varicose veins with thermal ablation (Laser, Steam, RF)
  15.00     Endovenous technical workshop – high level
  Experts     Laurence Allouche, Laurent Casbas, Jean-Luc Gérard, René Milleret
        Endovenous ablation tips and tricks : complex clinical cases, fiber or catheter navigation, treating
tributaries, Giacomini vein, etc.
  16.00     Coffee break
  16.30     Thermal endovenous codification in France workshop
  Experts     Jean-Luc Gérard, Nicolas Neaume, Philipe Nicolini, Pascal Vernon
        Medical care in France in 2017 (codes, practice, what we can do or not)
  17.30     Duplex guided angioplasty for anteriovenous fistula: how does it look like?
  Experts     Fabrice Abadie
  18.00     End of the workshops


  Chairman     Jean-Luc Gérard
  13.40     Duplex guided angioplasty for anteriovenous fistula: how does it look like?
  Experts     Fabrice Abadie
  14.00     End of the workshop