Main session


Thursday January 19

  13.45       Welcome address, Jean-Pierre Becquemin      
  Chairmen       Jean-Marc Alsac, Stéphan Haulon, Gustavo Oderich      
  14.00       Aortic arch      
  14.00       Outcome of open total arch replacement, Pascal Leprince      
  14.08       Does a new hybrid graft improve the results? Xavier Chaufour      
  14.16       What are the current status of branched endograft? Michael Dake      
  14.24       Arch hybrid procedures: are they effective and durable? Colin Bicknell      
  14.32       Total endovascular arch repear: what we learned so far? Ciro Ferre     14.30

Jury members
Michel Bartoli
Yann Gouëffic
Christos Liapis
Armando Mansilha
Maxime Sibé
Hence Verhagen
Frank Vermassen

  14.40       How to achieve a successful proximal sealing with TEVAR?
Ludovic Canaud
  14.48       Discussion    
  14.56       Technical issues of chimney in the arch, Armando Lobato    
  15.04       Long term results of the chimney in the arch, Thomas Larzon    
  15.12       Discussion    
  15.30       Industry symposium    
  16.30       Break in the exhibition hall      
          DESCENDING AORTA      
  Chairmen       Ludovic Canaud, Frédéric Cochennec, Michael Dake,
Eric Verhoeven
  17.00       Imaging    
  17.00       Does TEVAR modify the cardiac function? Rachel Clough    
  17.08       Benefit of intraoperative fusion imaging for aortic dissection management, Hervé Rousseau    
  17.16       Air embolism in TEVAR: role and prevention, Tilo Kölbel    
  17.24       Discussion    
  17.32       Dissection - Acute    
  17.32       What are the predictor of progression of type B dissection? Dittmar Böckler    
  17.40       Long term results after TEVAR for acute AD: are they as good as expected? Jean-Marc Alsac    
  17.48       Do we need a new randomized trial for uncomplicated type B dissection?
Firas Mussa
  18.00       How to manage the false lumen    
  18.00       What are the new tools, how to use them? Fabrizio Fanelli    
  18.08       Multilayer stents in acute dissections: a paradigm shift? Ralf Kolvenbach    
  18.16       Off the shelf aortic arch stentgraft system: overall experience and early and mid-term results, Mario Lachat    
  18.24       Discussion    
  18.30       Thoraco abdominal segment    
  18.30       Technical tips and tricks with off the shelf branched graft, Gustavo Oderich    
  18.38       Patient’s selection and technical refinements to make F and B  successful, 
Stéphan Haulon
  18.46       When to choose a fenestration when a branch: lessons from early and late follow up, Tara Mastracci    
  18.54       What is the real incidence and severity of spinal cord injury after endovascular management of thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysm?
Nick Cheshire
  19.02       Discussion    
  19.10       End of the session
      Simultaneous translation: Headphones will be available on request (only if a valid ID is presented) when entering the room.