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Saturday January 25 / Auditorium - Level -1

    A. Allaire, F. Saucy, A. Mansilha
SFA: latest news from endo technology and techniques - PART 1
  08.30     Micro catheter for intra arterial thrombolysis, P. Bagan
  08.40     What are the new CTO devices which are changing the game? P. Schneider
  08.50     Discussion
  09.00     Controversy: do we really need a stent in long SFA lesions?
  09.00     No: DEB is the answer, T. Zeller
  09.10     Yes: Newest stents are perfect for the job, Y. Gouëffic
  09.20     Discussion
  09.30     Industry Symposium Program here
  10.00     Break in the exhibition hall 


    Industry Symposium Program here
P. Desgranges, Y. Gouëffic, J. Pillai
  11.00     SFA: latest news from endo technology and techniques - PART 2     ePosters competition
  11.00     Dual component stents: do they improve SFA stenting?
M. Sibé 
    Jury members
P. Desgranges &

  11.10     Why does EVH challenge endo repair of long lesion?
D. Danzer
    X. Chaufour 
  11.20     When are Prosthetic grafts as good as veins? J. Cronenwett
  11.30     Controversy: when a stent is needed, do you choose a bare stent or a covered stent?      
  11.30     Bare stent and I’ll tell you why, T. Zeller
  11.40     Covered stent without any doubt, M. Bosiers
  11.50     Intra stent restenosis: POBA, DEB, DES or covered stent?
H. Krankenberg
  12.00     Controversy: critical limb ischemia. Endo or open first?
  12.00     Endo is the fisrt choice strategy, K. Deloose
  12.10     Wrong, surgery should be first line, F. Mussa
  12.20     Discussion
  12.30     Industry Symposium Program here
  13.00     Lunch in the exhibition hall 
    Industry Symposium Program here
J-P. Becquemin, P. Gloviczki, J. Busquet
  14.30     Miscellaneous
  14.30     Patient-specific rehearsal prior to EVAR: waste of time or increase safety? I. Van Herzeele
  14.40     The beam which can kill you, J. Pillai
  14.50     The dark side of evidence based medecine, H. Maisonneuve
  15.00     Controversy: looking for truth: are RCTs the proper way?
  15.00     Of course, yes, R. Greenhalgh
  15.10     Not at all, RCTs can be misleading and do not reflect the real world, F. Veith
  15.20     Discussion
  15.30     Honor guest lecture
  15.30     The magic of vascular surgery, P. Gloviczki
  Moderators     J. Marzelle, P. Schneider, L. Canaud
  15.45     Leg arteries
  15.45     What is the angiosome concept? Is it more useful than pedal arch patency? P. Schneider
  15.55     Can we stent a popliteal artery? Y. Alimi
  16.05     Techniques for retrograde access, R. Ferraresi
  16.15     Tips and tricks for tibial arteries interventions, R. Ferraresi
  16.25     Endodistal approach and infected diabetic foot. Why still and always a singular challenge?
A. Mansilha
  16.35     Hybrid approach for lower limbs ischemia, F. Saucy
  16.45     Why and how to educate patients with a chronic wound of the leg, A. Bourriez
  16.55     Discussion
  17.15     Adjournement
      Simultaneous translation: Headphones will be distributed at the entrance of the room, only in exchange for a valid ID card.