Main session


Saturday January 23, morning

  08.00     Peripheral and Visceral Aneurysms
  Chairmen     Eric Allaire, Nicholas Cheshire, Hence Verhagen
  08.00     Epidemiology of popliteal aneurysms, Anne Long
  08.20     Visceral arteries aneurysms. When are they dangerous and what should be done? Armando Mansilha
  08.30     Discussion
  08.40     Industry symposium
  09.10     Hypogastric Arteries during EVAR
  Chairmen     Eric Allaire, Nicholas Cheshire, Hence Verhagen
  09.10     Should they be preserved at all cost? Philippe Cuypers
  09.20     When indicated, what is the most efficient way to embolize them? Eugénio Rosset
  09.30     Discussion
        How to preserve them
  09.40     Use the latest available iliac branch endoprosthesis, Nabil Chakfé
  09.50     Long term results of branched devices, Xavier Chaufour
  10.00     Chimneys are more versatile, Armando Lobato
  10.10     Discussion
  10.20     Break in the exhibition hall
  10.50     Industry symposium
  11.20     How and When Embolize the Sac
  Chairmen     Yves Alimi, Daniel Brandao, Jacques Busquet, Hicham Kobeiter
  11.20     Cone beam guidance for type II endoleaks, Hervé Rousseau
  11.30     Which device for which indication? Fabio Verzini
  11.40     How to promote sac thrombosis during EVAR, Dominique Fabre
  11.50     Discussion
  12.00     Unusual Features of Endoleaks
  12.00     Wall angiogenesis: an under recognized cause of endoleaks, Eric Allaire
  12.10     Type III endoleaks: mechanism and detection, Richard McWilliams
  12.20     Can trauma induce type 3 endoleaks? Carlo Setacci
  12.30     Discussion
  12.45     Industry symposium
  13.15     Lunch in the exhibition hall

Session principale


Saturday January 23, afternoon

  14.15     Lower Limb Revascularization
  Chairmen     Yves Alimi, Frédéric Cochennec, Ronald Dalman, Firas Mussa
  14.15     The preoperative iliac artery sizing reduces the restenosis rate, Alain Cardon
  14.25     Clinical outcome of CERAB procedures, Peter Goverde
  14.35     5 year results of COBEST paper, Jean-Paul de Vries
  14.45     Laser and covered stents for iliac ISR, Jos Van den Berg
  14.55     Discussion
  15.05     Juxta / Supra Renal Aneurysm
  15.05     Graft, stent, size length and more tricks to understand how chimneys work, Jan Blankensteijn
  15.15     When and why perform CH-EVAR in complex aneurysm, Konstantinos Donas
  15.25     Do your chimney with the current available endoaortic grafts, Claude Mialhe
  15.35     Does renal angulation and respiratory induced deformations affect the long term results of CH-EVAR and F-EVAR? Ronald Dalman
  15.45     Discussion
  15.55     Break level -1 
    Yves Alimi, Frédéric Cochennec, Ronald Dalman, Firas Mussa
        Duel. What is the best solution? EVAS + chimney or F/B-EVAR?
  16.10     EVAS + chimney, Ian Loftus
  16.20     F/B-EVAR, Stéphan Haulon
  16.30     Discussion
  16.40     Home made or standard fenestration? Eric Ducasse
  16.50     Discussion
  16.55     Dissection
  Chairmen     Jean-Pierre Becquemin, Michael Dake, Pascal Desgranges, Thomas Larzon
  16.55     Role of fenestrated and branched devices for CTBD. What the literature tells us, Fabio Verzini
  17.05     Imaging consideration for acute type B dissection, Michael Dake
  17.15     Type B asymptomatic dissection, can TEP scan imaging help to take a decision? Natzi Sakalihasan
  17.25     Importance of false lumen flow patterns in predicting results of T-EVAR for TBADs4, Firas Mussa
  17.35     Adjunct techniques to treat chronic type B dissection, Tilo Kölbel
  17.45     Hybrid arch repair for dissecting aneurysm: a not so risky procedure? Ludovic Canaud
  17.55     Discussion
  18.00     Awards ceremony and adjournement, Jean-Pierre Becquemin
      Simultaneous translation: Headphones will be available on request (only if a valid ID is presented) when entering the room.