Main session


Thursday January 21, afternoon

  13.45     Welcome address, Jean-Pierre Becquemin      
  14.00     Thoracic and Thoraco Abdominal Aneurysms - PART I  
  Chairmen     Jean-Pierre Becquemin, Piergiorgio Cao, Grzegorz Oszkinis, Fabio Verzini  
  14.00     Expansion, risk of rupture: are our current guidelines still valid? Matt Thompson      
        Proximal issues       
  14.10      Should we choose a specific stent graft for a specific anatomy? Mourad Boufi      
  14.20     Proximal scallop: marketing or real benefit? Jean-Marc Alsac      
  14.30      Left subclavian branch: technique and preliminary results,
Hervé Rousseau
   14.30 ePosters
  14.40      Use of a single branch thoracic endograft in the arch: early experience,
Michel Makaroun
  (Level 2)
Jury members:
  14.50      Discussion   Pierre Bourquelot  
        New stent grafts for the thoracic and thoraco abdo segment   Adrien Kaladji  
  15.00      PTFe graft, Gustavo Oderich      
  15.07     Complete Endovascular Debranching: design considerations, Patrick Kelly   Eric Allaire  
  15.14     Discussion   Raphael Coscas  
        Duel. Fenestrated grafts should be performed in expert centers only
  15.20      Against the motion, Nicolas Valerio   Jean-Marc Alsac  
  15.30     For the motion, Frédéric Cochennec   Frédéric Cochennec  
  15.40     Discussion      
  15.50     Break in the exhibition hall      
  16.20     Thoracic and Thoraco Abdominal Aneurysms - PART II      
  Chairmen     Xavier Chaufour, Ralf Kolvenbach, Mario Lachat, Gustavo Oderich, Matt Thompson      
        More about TAAA      
  16.20     Fenestrations, branches for TAAA. Technical tips and tricks I learned to succeed, Tara Mastracci      
  16.30     Prevention of paraplegia: what is proven, what is not, Germano Melissano      
  16.40     Endo or open. What are the scientific criteria of choice? Piergiorgio Cao      
  16.50     Discussion      
  17.00     Industry symposia      
  18.00     Arch      
  Chairmen     Xavier Chaufour, Mario Lachat, Gustavo Oderich, Matt Thompson      
        Duel on the arch
  18.00     Total endovascular repair is the best choice, Stéphan Haulon
  18.10     Try the sandwich, you will love it, Armando Lobato      
  18.20     Discussion      
  18.30     End of the session
      Simultaneous translation: Headphones will be available on request (only if a valid ID is presented) when entering the room.