Industry Sponsored Symposia

Thursday January 21
  17.00 - 18.00
Level -1

  Being different makes the difference
Chairman: Jean-Pierre Becquemin
1. Conical necks are a bigger challenge and problem for EVAR that short necks and angulated necks, Hence Verhagen
2. Why aneurysm sealing and anatomical fixation can overcome those challenging anatomies ? Jean Paul De Vries
2. Type II endoleaks represent a significant challenge for EVAR,
Paul Hayes
3. EVAS trial 1,5 years data and key findings, Matt Thompson
  17.00 - 18.00
Room B
Level -1


  INCRAFT® , the first year of practical experience in Europe
Chairman: Pascal Desgranges
- INNOVATION, 4 year clinical follow-up, Giovanni Pratesi
- A first look at the European INSIGHT registry, Eric Ducasse
- Early experiences with INCRAFT® in European centers,
  Laurent Lagoarde, Ralf Kolvenbach

Friday January 22
  12.05 - 13.05
Level -1

  A progressive disease demands a durable repair
- Repair of complex aortic aneurysms using fenestrated and branched stent-grafts: Beneficial effects of a regional multicentric collaboration on postoperative mortality, Antoine Millon
- Zenith AlphaTM System, Design to give more patient a durable repair, Jonathan Sobocinsky

Drug-elution: Leave the right thing behind
- Zilver PTX – the full story, Michael Dake
- How to navigate within endovascular treatment options?
Elixene Jean Baptiste
  12.05 - 13.05
Room B
Level -1

  How innovation & clinical evidence can push the frontiers of EVAR
Chairman: Fabio Verzini
- The long-term clinical performance of the Endurant stent graft from controlled trials to real world use, Michel Makaroun
- Endurant France Registry, Jean-Pierre Becquemin
- The Endurant Stent Graft – a (hi)story of innovation – introducing Endurant EVO, Hence Verhagen
- Endoanchors in practice – clinical application and techniques for success, Jean-Paul de Vries
  12.05 - 13.05
Room C
Level 2

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  New innovative coated grafts - How do they improve your clinical outcomes?
Chairman: Olivier Goëau-Brissonnière
- Prevention of (endo)vascular graft infections – Soaking or Coating?
Fatima Mzali
- New evidence of the antimicrobial efficacy of INTERGARD SYNERGY grafts, Vincenzo Brizzi
- FUSION BIOLINE – What happens when the benefits of heparin, ePTFE and dacron are joined together? Hans-Henning Eckstein
  12.05 - 13.05 Room D
Level 2

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  Treatment of carotid stenosis: surgery or stenting?
State of the art in 2016
Chairman: Dominique Midy
- The Carotid Artery Stenting in France: Efficiency and safety proved,
Bernard Beyssen
- The surgical treatment of the carotid stenosis: One of the therapeutic
options, Christian Petitjean
- Novel stent designs will make us Vascular Surgeons re-think our treatment strategy? Giovanni Torsello

Saturday January 23
  08.40 - 09.10
Level -1


  Long occluded SFA treatment: Where do we stand in 2016?
Chairmen: Eric Steinmetz, Jean-Pierre Becquemin

The endovascular approach is the first line therapy?
Pro: Yann Gouëffic
Cons: Carmine Sessa
My endovascular tool-box (guide-wires, stents...),
Massimiliano Di Primio
Take home messages
  10.50 - 11.20
Level -1

  The Era of drug elution
Chairman: Jean-Pierre Becquemin
- Science behind the drug delivery,
Jay Kokate
- Latest experience with Drug Eluting Technologies, Koen Keirse
  12.45 - 13.15
Level -1

  Lutonix Drug Eluting Balloon
Chairmen: Frédéric Cochennec, Raphaël Coscas
Clinical data LEVANT 2 at 12 months,
Koen Deloose

Venous workshops


Friday January 22

  14.15 - 15.45    Venous Whorkshop room
Level 2
   Thermal Endovenous ablation workshop
Jean-Luc Gérard with the participation of
Claudine Hamel-Desnos, Paul Pittaluga,
Sylvain Chastanet

- Ultra-Sound guiding and assessment of 2 patients (in live)
Treating varicose veins with thermal ablation:
indications, access, distal fiber or catheter positioning, fiber or catheter navigation
- Hands-on session with silicone model
  16.10 - 17.40   Venous Whorkshop room
Level 2
  Technical Pearls for Optimizing Phlebectomy By Microsurgery
Paul Pittaluga, Sylvain Chastanet
- All kinds of Varicose Veins
- Tumescent local anesthesia
- No blade
- Micro-incisions
- Atraumatic phlebectomy
- Immediate ambulation – exit

Simultaneous translation :   Headphones will be available on request (only if a valid ID is presented) when entering the room.