ROOM B • LEVEL -1 • Venous session

  Chairman     Jean-Pierre Becquemin Co-chairman, Jean-Luc Gérard
  08.00     Welcome address, Jean-Luc Gérard
  08.15     Deep vein
  Chairmen     Peter Gloviczki, Michel Perrin
  08.15     10 rules to respect to ensure the success of:
- deep-vein reflux, Oscar Maleti
- chronic deep-vein obstruction treatment, Marzia Lugli
- acute deep vein thrombosis thrombolysis, Rashad Bishara
  08.39     Discussion
  08.47     Concomitant deep and superficial vein disease - be aggressive in treating deep obstruction with every patient, Lowell Kabnick
  08.55     Anatomic variations of inferior vena cava:
- Diagnosis by duplex; it is possible? Philippe Lemasle
- 3D images, Jean-François Uhl
  09.11     Discussion
  09.15     Treatment of the inferior vena cava tumors, Daniel Azoulay
  09.23     Treating haemorrhoids via pelvic vein embolization, David Beckett
  09.31     Endovenous radiofrequency treatment for haemorrohoids, Carlos Vivaldi
  09.38     On which criteria do you select your stent for ilio-femoral venous obstruction?
- North American point of view, Peter Gloviczki
- European point of view, Marzia Lugli
  09.49     How to ensure the success of pelvic congestion treatment: 10 rules to respect,
Milka Greiner
  09.57     Phlethysmography. Old fashioned or still popular? Why to use it and for who?
Andrew Nicolaides
  10.05     Discussion
  10.20     Break in the exhibition hall
  10.50     Some debates
  Chairmen     Oscar Maleti, Andrew Nicolaides
  10.50     DEBATE. Arterio-venous fistula in deep vein surgery
Pros, Olivier Hartung
Cons, Manj Gohel
  11.06     Treatment of lymphoedema. A new and exciting method by implantation of hydrophobic silicone tubes, Waldemar Olszewski
  11.14     DEBATE. Ambulatory phlebectomy as a simultaneous treatment after endothermal ablation…
- is the gold standard, Tristan Lane
- is not mandatory, Jean-Luc Gérard
  11.30     Endovenous treatment of the tributaries, Paul Pittaluga
  11.38     Is there a place for phlebectomy? Denis Creton
  11.46     DEBATE. Do we have to preserve the saphenous vein?
- Yes, Jordi Maeso Lebrun
- Not mandatory, Gilbert Franco
  12.06     Treatment of telangiectasias…
- by microsurgery, Paul Pittaluga
by UGFS, Claudine Hamel Desnos
- by laser, Thomas Proebstle
  12.30     Which treatment can be used for the venous malformations? Annouk Bisdorff-Bresson
  12.38     Discussion
  12.50     Review of a life as a vascular surgeon at a day surgery hospital, Giorgio Spreafico
  13.10     Lunch in the exhibition hall


ROOM B • LEVEL -1 Venous session

    Sclerotherapy & Miscellaneous
Enrico Ascher, Mark Whiteley
  14.00     Sclerotherapy (techniques, tactics and results)
- the French method, Claudine Hamel Desnos
- the English method, Huw Davies
- the US method, Natalie Marks
  14.24     Different ways of making foam; with 1% pure Polidocanol, or with 2 % Polidocanol. Are they similar? Philippe Desnos
  14.32     How to ensure the success of sclerotherapy? 10 rules to respect, Claudine Hamel Desnos
  14.40     Optimising the different outcomes of foam sclerotherapy for patients with venous ulceration,
Manj Gohel
  14.48     Prevention of visual and neurologic disturbances after sclerotherapy with anti-endothelin prophylaxis, Alessandro Frullini
  14.56     Various grades of recommendation in the management of primary varicose veins, Michel Perrin
  15.04     Measurement of venous symptoms: why and how? Jean-Jérôme Guex
  15.12     Socio-economic impact of venous disease, François-André Allaert
  15.20     Call for excellence in the management of venous diseases - role of European venous meetings and
supranational societies,
Bo Eklöf
  15.28     Saphenous pulsation on Duplex is a marker of severe chronic superficial venous insufficiency,
George Geroulakos
  15.36     State of art of phlebology in Russia, Evgeny Shaydakov
  15.44     Discussion
  15.55     Break level -1 
    Thermal or glue techniques
Lowell Kabnick, Thomas Proebstle
  16.10     Reimbursement and possibilities to use the new thermal ablation techniques: difference between the
European countries,
Inga Vanhandenhove
  16.18     3-year follow-up RCT: radiofrequency ablation (fast) vs laser ablation (radial fiber), James Lawson
  16.26     RCT endovenous 940 nm laser ablation vs 1470 nm laser ablation (COLA trial), Wendy Malskat
  16.34     3-year analysis of the European Cyanoacrylate study (USA glue), Thomas Proebstle
  16.42     How to perform a simple and efficient saphenous vein gluing: short video and results (Turkish glue), Pascal Lemoine
  16.50     Is there a difference between glue (US and Turkish) for varicose vein? Ian Franklin
  16.58     Risk factor for recurrence after RF ablation of GSV, Thomas Proebstle
  17.06     Can the different anatomic variations of SFJ predict recurrence or EHIT after thermal ablation?
Olivier Pichot
  17.14     How to ensure the success of traditional surgery in varicose vein treatment: 10 rules to respect,
Patrizia Pavei
  17.22     How should we measure endothermal energy. LEED vs EFE - which technique is better?
Mark Whiteley
  17.30     10 rules to respect to ensure the success of:
- laser ablation, Lowell Kabnick
- RF ablation, Mark Whiteley
  17.46     Discussion
  18.00     Conclusion, Jean-Luc Gérard, Peter Gloviczki, Michel Perrin
      Simultaneous translation : Headphones will be available on request (only if a valid ID is presented) when entering the room.