Friday January 18 / Auditorium, level -1

08.00 08.00
    N. Cheshire, T. Kolbel
News of imaging developments
The future of 3D ultrasound: why is it necessary? A. Long
4D MRI: useful tool or new gadget? R. Clough
    Controversy: where is the best place for endovascular surgery
  08.20     OR with modern C arm and softwares are the best place, S. Haulon
  08.30     A Hybrid suite is a much better place, H. Kobeiter
  08.40     Simulation rehearsal before endovascular interventions: why it improves our practice,
I. Van Herzeele
  08.50     Discussion
  08.55     Newest technology for EVAR: devices presentations and results
  08.55     Cook Low Profile, S. Haulon
  09.05     Medtronic Endurant, H. Verhagen
  09.15     GoreC3, E.Verhoeven 
  09.25     Endologix Nellix, E. Ducasse 
  09.35     Endologix AFX, J-P. De Vries
  09.45     Vascutek Anaconda, D. Midy 
  09.55     Trivascular Ovation, N. Mangialardi 
  10.00     Discussion
  10.05     Break in the exhibition hall - Sponsored by
  Moderators     E. Allaire, M. Malina, R. Chaer
    Session kindly sponsored by
Abdominal aneurysms
Controversy: AAA Duplex measurement internal or external diameter
  10.35     External diameter is the rule: we must keep it this way? A. Long 
  10.45     Internal diameter must be the new rule! T. Hartshorne 
  10.55     Discussion
  11.05     How to keep a small aneurysm small, E. Allaire 
  11.15     EVAR in out clinic patients: is it feasible and safe? M. L. Lachat
  11.25     Discussion

    Dealing with EVAR problems Type II endoleaks
They are not benign, S. El Batti
  11.40     What are the best means to detect them: CT scan, Duplex or MRI, F. L. Moll 
  11.50     Discussion
    Controversy: pre emptive treatment of type II endoleak
  12.00     Coil embolisation is the most efficient way, D. Fabre 
  12.08     Thrombin injection is much better, A. Cardon 
  12.16     Type II endoleak: the trans vena cava approach, P. Bergeron
  12.24      Discussion
  12.30     Lunch in the exhibition hall
  13.15     Symposium
    lndustry symposia

    F. Moll, Y. Alimi, J. Busquet, J. Brunkwall
EVAR follow up: answers to uncertainties

When can we stop following patients with EVAR? H. Verhagen
  14.40     Does reintervention influence the late results of EVAR? F. Verzini 
  14.50     Inflammatory response after EVAR: causes and clinical implication, C. D. Liapis 
  15.00     What to do when EVAR becomes infected, C. Setacci 
  15.10     Ruptures following EVAR: can we prevent them? R.M. Greenhalgh
  15.20     Discussion
  15.25     Occlusive diseases: aorto-iliac and visceral arteries
  15.25     Endovascular repair of totally occluded infra renal aorta and iliac arteries, N. Mangialardi 
  15.35     Cyclists with Iliac endofibrosis: how to help them to win the Tour de France? P. Feugier 
  15.45     Chronic visceral arteries occlusive diseases: when to choose open when endo, P. Gloviczki 
  15.55     Discussion
  16.00     Break in the exhibition hall
  Moderators     L. Canaud, M. Bosiers, P. Desgranges
        Session kindly sponsored by
  16.30     Do the newest grafts achieve comparable results to saphenous vein bypass?
  16.30     The fusion grafts, H-H.Eckstein
  16.40     The heparin-bonded ePTFe grafts, C. Pratesi 
  16.50     Controversy: bare stents or covered stents in the SFA?
  16.50     Bare metal stents fulfill their goals, A. Sala Tenna 
  17.00     Covered stents provide better results, M. Bosiers
  17.10     Newest technology in the SFA: the future is now
  17.10     The latest results with Drug Eluting Stents, J. Tessarek 
  17.20     Drug eluting balloon, J-P. De Vries
  17.30     In-stent restenosis: hopes from new therapy, Y. Gouëffic 
  17.40     Tibial arteries
  17.40     Technique for pedal access and pedalloop interventions, R. Ferraresi 
  17.50     Controversy: tibial arteries repair           
  17.50     Endovascular repair is not durable, R. Chaer 
  18.00     Those who know how to do it have no doubts, P. Schneider 
  18.20     Honorary guest lecture: to build and run an hospital in Kabul, E. Cheysson
  18.35     End of the sessions