Main session


Saturday January 21

  Chairmen     Eric Allaire, Martin Björck, Maxime Sibé, Franck Vermassen
  08.15     Aorto Iliac segment
  08.15     Is stenting a safe and durable option in the common femoral artery? Yann Gouëffic
  08.23     Tricks to achieve endovascular repair of totally occluded iliac arteries, Ali Amin 
  08.31     Iliac lesions: covered or bare stent? Jean-Paul de Vries
  08.39     Why covered stents are not all the same in aortoiliac occlusive disease, Michel Reijnen
  08.47     Endovascular treatment of Leriche syndrome: the keys to success, Sonia Ronchey 
  08.55     Discussion
  09.00     Miscellaneous
  09.00     Sexual (dys) functions following aortic repair, do we need a randomized trial? 
Serguei Malikov 
  09.08     Post operative wall dehiscence following open AAA repair: mechanisms and prevention, Eric Allaire
  09.16     Takayasu disease: is it still a room for intervention? Zoubida Tazi Mezalek 
  09.24     Discussion
  09.30     Industry symposium
  10.00     Break in the exhibition hall
  10.30     Industry symposium
  Chairmen     Michael Dake, Jean-François Garbé, Yann Gouëffic, Giovanni Torsello
  11.00     Technical issues
  11.00     2D perfusion angiography to assess the distal effect of revascularization, Jos Van den Berg 
  11.08     How do I manage long total occlusion: material, technique, results, Roberto Ferraresi 
  11.16     De Novo SFA lesions: material, results, uncertainties
        What about stents?
  11.16     Do the latest bare stents justify their use in the SFA/popliteal arteries? Maxime Sibé 
  11.24     Is endo repair of popliteal aneurysms a failed experiment? Martin Björck 
  11.32     Discussion
        Infra inguinal surgical repair
  11.40     Above the knee lesions: vein or prosthetic graft? Dominique Midy  
  11.48     Grafts with a combination of polyester and ePTFE. Do they offer any benefit? Martin Storck 
  11.56     Does heparin-bonded ePTFE graft improve BTK bypass patency? Carlo Pratesi 
  12.02     Discussion
  12.10     Industry symposium
  12.40     Lunch in the exhibition hall
  13.45     Industry symposium
  Chairmen     Alain Cardon, Koen Deloose, Fabrizio Fanelli, Armando Mansilha
        Duel. Drug coated stents versus bare metal stents: are DCS superior?
  14.15     Definitively yes, Michael Dake 
  14.23     Proof are lacking, Yann Gouëffic 
  14.31     Discussion
  14.39     What about balloons in 2017?
  14.39     Nothing left behind concept: is it working? Koen Deloose 
  14.47     Drug coated balloons are fine: do they work for TASC C and D lesions?
Peter Schneider 
  14.55     Drug coated balloons: are the results durable? Koen Keirse 
  15.03     Discussion
        Duel. Drug coated balloon vs. drug eluted stent in complex SFA lesions. Are DCB superior?
  15.11     Yes. DCB are definitely superior, Frank Vermassen 
  15.19     No. DES should remain the first line treatment, Eric Ducasse 
  15.27     Discussion
        Debulking and CTO
  15.35     The latest instruments. How do they work, which indications for which results? Giovanni Torsello
  15.43     Experience with a new debulking technology, Ulrich Sunderdiek
  15.51     Is laser worth the cost? Samy Anidjar 
  15.59     Discussion
        Leg artery lesions
  16.07     Is endovascular treatment below distal graft worthy? Julien Sfeir 
  16.15     Discussion
        Below the ankle diseases
  16.23     Lessons from more than thousands cases: technics, results, Roberto Ferraresi
  16.31     Changing the paradigm of DCB in BTK: encouraging new results in complex lesions, Vincent Riambau 
  16.39     Discussion
  16.47     In stent restenosis: does DEB work? Giovanni Torsello 
  16.55     Infra inguinal vein graft stenosis: DEB or stents? Thomas Hölzenbein 
  17.03     Discussion
  17.11     Awards ceremony 
  17.30     Adjournment, Jean-Pierre Becquemin
      Simultaneous translation : Headphones will be available on request (only if a valid ID is presented) when entering the room.